A Boy Named Martin

By: George A. Mathewson

Published 2014

This is the story of a farm boy from Central New York State, Martin Clark, who enlists in the Union army in 1863 in the middle of the Civil War. He then proceeds to fight in at least 8 major battles, including the final battle at Appomattox, Virginia. Amazingly, he meets General Grant, the Commanding General of the Union Army, and also sees President Lincoln, who surprisingly is found just behind the Union battle line following a major Confederate attack. He also sees General Sheridan, survives the War, returns to farming after the War, and lives to be 86 years old.

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Hidden Agenda

By: George A. Mathewson

Published 2013

In this fictional run-up to a possible war in the Middle East, the editors of a New York newspaper send their best reporter, John Bryce, to the Nation's capital to try to ascertain whether the U.S. is planning to attack a Mid-East antagonist, warning him that it will be his most difficult assignment.

Then Bryce, in Washington, in his prodigious efforts to get out a story, proceeds to get entangled in the secretive attitudes of our government and its centurions on Capitol Hill. In order to find out what happens to this highly skilled denizen of the free press in a sophisticated nation's capitol try a quick-read of "Hidden Agenda".....

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The Dried Earth

By: George A. Mathewson

Published 2019

Two unemployed twenty year olds meet in a bar in southern California, and decide to look for work together.  Finding good jobs at an oil and gas fracking rig in the Central Valley, they soon find out that the area suffers from a severe water shortage, which is putting neighboring farms out of business.

That regional drought soon morphs into seasonal, wind-driven forest fires, one of which is rapidly approaching their fracking plant, threatening to envelop it.

Read the book to find out what happens to two guys, their new wives, and to the fracking plant where they work. An intriguing puzzle appears. 

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